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Welcome to

My name is Travis Lee Bailey, I am a Washington DC lawyer working in Moscow, Russia since 2015. We are here to help.

English speaking Lawyers for expats living in Russia

1. WhatsApp message +7-915-444-3195 or to set up a time for a free recorded consultation over zoom.

In the call we will ask you questions about your legal issue.
Calls usually last 5 to 10 minutes.
This service is only for expats willing to spend money on their legal issue.

2. We will then confidentially share this zoom consultation with one of our carefully preselected honest Moscow lawyers, and give you the law firms contact information.

There is no obligation on your part and the zoom consultation is free.

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Consultation with American lawyers in all 50 states

For a flat fee of 5000 rubles we will find you a lawyer in the United States who can answer your questions in a free 5 minute telephone consultation on virtually any legal subject. Whether you hire the lawyer is up to you. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Whatsapps message us for more details or any questions. +7-915-444-3195 or

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Resources and other honest legal services offering free legal help

Here is a list of organizations which help poor expats for little or no money. We are not affiliated (officially or unofficially attached or connected) with these organizations.
  • Civic Assistance Committee
129110, Moscow, Olimpiyskiy Prospekt, 22
  • Near House Foundation (фонд «Рядом дом»)
Whatsapp: +7 910 341-63-13 (Serafim) - Russian only
The Migrant Assistance Center "Near Home" is a charitable organization that provides free assistance to families of migrant workers and other foreigners who have encountered difficulties in a foreign country.
Recommended by Civic Assistance Committee
  • The Association of Overseas Employees
Two British members of the Moscow Anglican Church predominately help immigrants from poor countries with legal problems they have with the police. They are the most knowledgeable, honest, helpful and connected organization that we have yet found in Moscow.
Emergency number: 8 (926) 688-63-27

Web sources:

  • Facebook: Free Visa

Emergency numbers

  • Dial 911 for a general emergency (all services)
  • Dial 113 for a general emergency (all services)
  • Dial 102 for the police
  • Dial 103 for an ambulance

Tourist police that speak English

Main headquarters:

+7-495-726-40-85 metro Airport

+7-499-157-29-31 metro Sokol Ulitza Viktorenko 10c10 (?)

Pro Bono legal work

Pro Bono legal work (lawyers who publicly offer free legal work) is rare in Russia. If you are a legal firm that kindly offers such services, please contact us at the number above and we will advertise your services to the expat community.

Other sites

Law Offices of Travis Lee Bailey, Esq.
Юридическое Бюро Трэвиса Ли Бейли